Coronavirus Safety Policy

Lavrics Chauffeurs Coronavirus Safety Policy

Clearly, our clients have had limited reasons to have to travel during this pandemic but as restrictions ease their main concern will be for the safety and well being of their employees whilst traveling to and from, and within, the UK. The main reason the executive world uses services like ours is that they can utilize the vehicles as an extension to their office, so our properly equipped vehicles provide the safe, secure and practical environment they need to operate. We will assist with any essential business travel requirements our clients have but extremely stringent measures will exist to ensure the protection of our drivers and passengers.

Our preventative and precautionary measures include the following.

  • Vehicles will be extensively prepared before each task to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness. This includes interiors touchpoints cleaned with Antibacterial wipes.
  • Sanitising hand gel and antibacterial wipes and will be available for client use in the car and are free to take away for future use.
  • Medical quality surgical face masks are available for client use, these are disposable masks and clients are requested to use them whilst in the vehicle.
  • Chauffeurs will always wear face masks and gloves meeting clients and will use antibacterial hand gel prior to client collection. They will not be required to wear masks when driving.
  • Luggage can be loaded and unloaded by chauffeurs if a client wishes. They will sanitise handles before and after loading and we will step away from the luggage for clients to collect.
  • No driver will work if in the event that they should feel unwell, regardless of illness type, to ensure client safety is our priority.
  • Magazines and newspapers will be removed from vehicles during this Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • Water is available for clients but we request that bottles are taken away. Any that are not will be disposed of.
  • Chauffeurs will not be shaking client hands before or after travel, to avoid the risks of Coronavirus.
  • We’ve studied the government’s latest guidelines in great detail and we’re content that as long as we put in place the measures outlined above, we can provide an environment in which every client having to carry out a necessary journey can feel reassured, totally safe and completely protected.